• Fire risk assessments or reviews,
  • Fire safety training 
  • Fire safety design advice for building regulations and new buildings,
  • Fire strategy advice,
  • Fire safety engineering advice and services e.g. sprinklers
  • Fire safety audits
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Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd

Contact Details

Give Shaun, Natalie or Helen a ring;

Tel: 02920 330885
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Or write to: 24 Hickman Road, Penarth,  Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2AJ




If you are interested in professional, competent fire safety advice you have come to the right place. Do you need;

  • Fire risk assessments or reviews of existing fire risk assessments,
  • Fire safety training, which is recognised by The institution of Fire Engineers (IFE).
  • Fire safety design advice for building regulations and dealing with fire safety for new buildings
  • Fire stratgey advice
  • Fire safety engineering services e.g. advice of sprinklers
  • Fire safety audits
  • Post fire audits.

Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd can offer excellent services specialising in fire and fire safety based on sound practical experience of years from being in the Fire Service, years working directly within fire safety departments and years dealing with fires and fire fighting. Led by Shaun, the small team of well qualified and experienced people can look after all your fire safety needs. 

All staff are fire risk registered to give you peace of mind knowing they know there subject area, very well! 

Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd safety consultancy offers competent fire safety advice and related services, for all types of businesses, ranging from offices & shops, schools, hospitals & care homes and care sector, HMO’s, hotels, factories and any other types of fire risks.

For a free no obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact shaun@ivorfire.co.uk outlining your needs or fill in a Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd contact sheet.

Shaun is qualified with UK accreditation by passing the Warrington's Fire Risk Assessors Certified Scheme (FRACS)

UKAS Accredited Person Certification Individual Scheme





FRACS for fire risk assessors - this scheme identifies fire risk assessors who have been assessed for their competence to complete high quality fire risk assessments. The requirement to conduct regular fire risk assessments is essentially the responsibility of any owner, manager, employer or occupier of any complex facility in order to provide safety for those that utilise the facility. In the UK it is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order to maintain such as assessment for any building.

Shaun has been been succesful in repassing the examination for the FRACS accreditation scheme to support Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd approach until summer 2021.   

This can also be further demonstrated by the other fire risk registers. 



FRA 17

At Ivorfire Safety Services Ltd ;
 staff being former fire service fire safety professionals and holding substancial fire related qualifications makes these good credentials for all round ability for fire risk assessment with excellent pedigree, to serve you.

Registration is also with the Institue of Fire Safety Managers:



    ife.org.uk  IFE_Registered_RA







Shaun is also registered as a fire risk assessor with the IFE   click here

Professional Body Person Registration Scheme



Being ex fire service this means that the small team of staff at Ivorfire Safety services have years of experience of seeing what fire can do, how people react to fire and have experience of enforcing and dealing with fire safety legislation.

Putting it simply people must be competent to carry out fire risk assessments and professionally accredited.  


If you need further advice on choosing a competent fire risk assessor or the competency criteria for a fire risk assessor the following document may assist you;

Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor     click here

The Competency Criteria for Fire Risk Assessors:   click here